Varjo XR-4 Series - Human sight perfectly computerized.

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Varjo XR-4 Series. Made for superlative immersion.

Varjo unveiled a truly groundbreaking new generation of headsets that takes virtual and mixed reality one step further from what you thought was possible.

Varjo joined forces with 20/20 to strategize the launch of their new product series and the launch of the new G4 generation headsets. 20/20 created the marketing insight, strategy, concept, visuals, films and social media assets that tells the amazing story of an immersion unlike the world has ever seen. Welcome to the new era of immersive technology.


When you hear the word immersion, what does it mean to you?

To us, it means building a world where the boundaries between the virtual and the real world become almost indistinguishable. Where professionals across the most mission-critical industries can focus on getting the job done with the highest-quality, highest-immersion mixed reality technology ever made. With the new Varjo XR-4 series, we push mixed reality performance to a whole new level.

Our purpose was to position Varjo and the new product strongly on the professional and enterprise level, where no other headset can deliver with the same quality and ecosystem as Varjo.

When Apple had made a lot of headlines with its headset launch it was important for Varjo to position their new product series clearly to the professional target audience and to communicate the difference in the technical capabilities.


We aimed to amplify the customer's voice across diverse and dynamic industries, emphasizing Varjo's role as a powerful tool for professionals engaged in design, training, and simulation. The focal point of these narratives is showcasing how Varjo stands out from competitors, not just in functionality but also in its distinctive look and feel.

Varjo's new product series launch featured and showcased new and innovative use cases without forgetting the industries that are already essential to Varjo.


The Varjo XR-4 marked its launch with an execution that firmly positioned Varjo and the new XR-4 product series in the professional and enterprise realms. The overall launch of the Varjo XR-4 series drew heavy inspiration from the design and potential target groups of the new product series. In terms of look and feel, it embraced a minimalistic and monochromatic color palette infused with reflectiveness, while also amplifying the voices of Varjo’s influential partners.

The execution artfully juxtaposes between light and darkness, emitting light into darkness from the eyesight. It transforms people into avatars, enabling them to work in VR and transporting pilots into a clearer understanding of the views they see, while also facilitating larger groups to collaborate in XR. The final execution is a fast-paced interplay between light and darkness, paving the way for a clearer future for demanding industries.

Record-Breaking Results in Both Quality & Quantity

259% Sales growth MoM
270 % webstore sales growth MoM
website visitor increase MoM

100+ press articles
250+ million impressions
30 % more media coverage than in previous launches
200 % webinar attendants growth compared to previous-generation launch

Finnish startup Varjo launches new $3900 mixed-reality headset to take Apple, Microsoft. - CNBC
“The headset, which starts at a price of $3,990…comes as various major tech companies are betting big on virtual and augmented reality, a space they see serving as the next big shift for technology, with an impact of a similar scale to that of the invention of the internet or the mobile phone.”

Varjo´s Auto-Focus XR-4 Mixed-Reality Heasdet Boasts Specs to Rival Apple Vision Pro - CNET
“The XR-4's specs sound wild. The field of view is bigger than before, adding a lot more vertical field of view than is normally standard: 120 degrees horizontal, and 105 degrees vertical.”

Tired of waiting for Apple´s Vision Pro? Varjo XR-4 Is ready to get to work now. – PC Magazine
“Apple had made a lot of headlines recently with its upcoming Vision Pro headset, but for businesses interested in VR right now, Varjo today launched its next-generation headsets, the XR-4, XR-4 Focal Edition, and XR-4 Secure Edition.


Chief Brand Officer: Jussi Mäkinen
Head of Communications, Content & PR: Annaleena Kuronen
Senior Product Marketing Manager: Ben Cathcart
Design Engineer: Teemu Haranko

Creative Director / Director: Jyri von Schoultz
Executive Producer: Mia Oksala
Art Director: Jenny Stringer
Producer: Veera Moilanen

Production: 20/20 & VS
Director: Jyri von Schoultz
Executive Producer: Mia Oksala
DOP: Pithai Smithsuth
Producer: Kawita Nunthakunatip
Producer: Veera Moilanen
VFX: Johan Snell
VFX: Post Control
Color: Post Control
Music: Julian Winding

Director: Jyri von Schoultz
Copy/script: Johanna Virtanen, Annaleena Kuronen, Ben Cathcart, Ida-Emilia Kaukonen
Executive Producer: Mia Oksala
DOP: Anton Tevajärvi
Producer: Veera Moilanen

Photographer: Anton Sucksdorff
Retouch: FLC

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