The world is changing fast and technology is the most powerful driver. We’re excited by the newest, nowest and hardest-to-explain technical innovations. We work with startups, emerging and existing brands looking to launch something new. And we also help established and iconic brands put a fresh spin on things by leveraging tech like VR, AR and more. Every story is tellable and showable, no matter how complicated the content may be.

We help established and iconic brands put a fresh spin on things. Sometimes that means using pairing good old stories with brand new technology. Other times it means refreshing a brand’s look and feel.

The end result is always something new.

We work with emerging, existing and evolving brands. Founders, disruptors, forerunners and all kinds of people who are passionate about what they do, what we do, and – most importantly – what we can do together.

20/20 has been recognized by the Webby, Lovie, The One Show, ADC, Communicator, W3, Voitto, Vuoden Huiput and Grand One awards - honouring the excellence in creativity, design, film and communications.


Mia Oksala
Client Director / CEO
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Jyri von Schoultz
Creative Director / Director
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Jenny Stringer
Art Director / Director
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