Volvo x Varjo XR-1: Pave the Way.

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Varjo XR-1 Developer Edition is the world’s only photorealistic mixed reality device. It is made for engineers, researchers and designers interested in building state-of-the-art XR experiences and simulations. XR-1 lets you see true-to-life virtual content blending with reality in a full field of view.

Using with XR-1, Varjo and Volvo Cars created the world’s first mixed reality approach to evaluating prototypes, designs and active safety technologies.

20/20 was involved in the project from the beginning as a strategic marketing partner. Together with Varjo and Volvo, 20/20 created a marketing framework and concept for the XR-1 launch and helped with website content, still images and key messaging.

Pave the Way.

The Varjo XR-1 film introduces the new XR product to the world by using Volvo & Varjo experts as spokespeople. The narrative takes us through XR-1’s use cases and how they are helping Volvo to pave the way towards a safer, more personal and sustainable future.


The goal was to create buzz at Augmented World Expo 2019 and to make sure everyone in the industry is aware of and awed by Varjo's new mixed-reality headset. That goal was achieved, and then some, with the Varjo launch reaching millions of people and generating over 400 news articles including articles from Forbes, Cnet, Engadget, TechCrunch and Bloomberg to mention a few.

So far, the demo video showing how Varjo XR-1 works has been viewed over 100 000 times.


Varjo Technologies
Chief Marketing Officer: Jussi Mäkinen
Marketing and Communications Lead: Anna-Leena Kuronen

Art Director: Jyri Rapo
Art Director: Taina Tirkkonen
Copywriter: Lissu Moulton
Client Director: Mia Oksala

Film Production
Production company: Life in the city
Director: Karl-Johan Larsson
Producer: Markus Frantz
Cinematographer: Michael Petersen

Website 3D: Johan Snell

Photographer: Jyri Rapo


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