Teleport to any reality - Introducing Varjo Reality Cloud.

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So far, Varjo has allowed users to move beyond their 2D screens and experience virtual objects or environments as perfect replicas of our real surroundings. But the company’s ultimate goal is even more ambitious. Varjo wants to harness the infinite computing power of the cloud to enable capturing and sharing the entire physical reality around us with others – in real-time.

When the time came to introduce the groundbreaking vision of Varjo Reality Cloud and virtual teleportation to the world, Varjo turned to 20/20 to create the launch concept, virtual event, visuals and films that tell the story behind the technology – and above all, communicate the paradigm shift it can bring to human communication.

Concepting started with using the most advanced immersive tools available in the market. 20/20 got hands-on access to the brand-new Varjo XR-3 mixed reality headset and started the creative process by using the device and testing how everything works and feels in a supercharged reality. Using mixed reality technology helped shape the creative concept, visual language, and future teleportation user experience as envisioned with Varjo’s development team.

Creating the launch story in a completely new way.

How to create a story of Varjo’s cutting-edge technology when it is still a grand vision and only available in the hands of developers? 20/20 got, among the first ones, access to the brand-new Varjo XR-3 mixed reality headset to start envisioning the new Reality Cloud platform. The creative work started with unanswered questions: How does Reality Cloud and virtual teleportation look and feel? And, above all, what can this groundbreaking technology enable for everyone? How can Reality Cloud feel like a natural tool in creative work and collaboration?

At that stage, the early core technologies already existed, but what 20/20 envisioned and created together with Varjo’s creative and technology teams was the user experience – how Reality Cloud and teleportation look and feel for the end user.

As 20/20 have been working with Varjo since the very beginning of the company, the creative process felt very natural. By using Varjo’s cutting-edge technology, 20/20 were able to test and explore how the Reality Cloud vision can come to life.

For the launch, the approach was to create a film, launch event and assets that highlight the new, supercharged level of human communication. The launch film and assets bring the technology alive by showcasing using Varjo Reality Cloud in action and inspire users to participate in the next form of interaction – virtual teleportation.

Photorealistic virtual teleportation comes true.

For the past five years, Varjo has been on a journey to redefine reality. With their incredible team of engineers, designers, opticians, and developers, they’ve created industry-leading virtual and mixed reality hardware and software. Varjo's technology has enabled professionals across industries to train, design, do research, and collaborate in ways never seen before.

Now Varjo is proud to reveal how everything that they’ve done so far connects together for a bigger vision – a true-to-life metaverse, a shared virtual existence that’s rooted in the real world.

Varjo is developing a platform called Varjo Reality Cloud, which will allow the ultimate science fiction dream, photorealistic virtual teleportation, to come true.

Share Your Surroundings in 3D – In Real-Time

With Varjo Reality Cloud and Varjo XR-3, anybody will be able to capture their surroundings in 3D and then invite somebody else to join that same exact reality, see and hear others, and share their experience in absolute immersion.

Instead of jumping on a plane, you will be able to teleport to any location and back instantly, making your actual physical location completely irrelevant. It won’t just be a simple hologram of an object or a static reality capture; Varjo is talking about a fully immersive, photorealistic real-time 3D stream, all the way down to the last pixel. And what’s best, you’ll be able to edit and modify the shared 3D reality together as you would edit a photo or a video. Want to add in new objects or tweak existing parts of the reality? Easy. It’s just bits.

First, this will become possible for users of Varjo XR-3 and VR-3, but eventually for anybody, on any device.

Enter a Metaverse Grounded in Reality.

With Varjo Reality Cloud and Varjo's XR-3 headset, you’ll be able to create a share metaverse just by looking around and doing a real-time 3D scan of the places that are the most meaningful to you. For example, the Animal Crossing island on the Nintendo Switch was created by Varjo's users from their physical surroundings and shared with the people they choose. This metaverse grounded in reality scales faster and more naturally than a pre-rendered metaverse that you need to build from scratch. It’s the fastest, easiest, and most scalable way of creating collaborative virtual spaces.

The use cases for Varjo Reality Cloud are endless, from personal connections to office life to factory work and beyond. Varjo has only begun dreaming of the end-user applications for this with their few selected partners, and they continue to build their roadmap together with Varjo's users.


The film, site and event materials helped make Varjo the most talked XR brand and publicly enter the "metaverse market" with what was largely labeled as bleeding-edge tech. Press coverage around 100 articles reaching millions of people worldwide.

”The next giant step in VR and augmented reality may not come from Facebook, Google or Microsoft. It might just emerge from Varjo Technologies, a tiny startup in Helsinki.”

”The Varjo Reality Cloud shares the details of a room in photorealistic detail, showing someone remotely located a view of the room in real time. Yes, you read that. “
VB Venture Beat

All-time high for webinar pre-registrations

2,200 pre-registrations for the launch webinar

Over 10,000 YouTube views for launch video

Hundreds of thousands of social meda impressions and tens of thousands of Varjo profile visits


Varjo Technologies
Chief Marketing Officer: Jussi Mäkinen
Marketing and Communications Lead: Annaleena Kuronen

Creative Director: Jyri Rapo
Client Director: Mia Oksala
Logo Designer: Marina Veziko
Copywriting: Annaleena Kuronen

Film Production
Production Company: 20/20
Director: Jyri Rapo
DOP: Anton Tevajärvi
1AD: Dzen Evstigneykin
Producers: Mia Oksala, Anna Nekrasova
Line Producer: Victor Hrechanyi
Set Design: Liza Gamsheeva
VFX & Color: Post Control
Music & Sound Design: Kaukolampi

Event film Production
Production Company: 20/20
Director: Jyri Rapo
DOP: Anton Tevajärvi
1AC: Tuomas Nurmi
Producer: Mia Oksala
Gaffer: Jonatan Marila
Muah: Jenny Jansson
Color: Post Control
Music & Sound Design: Kaukolampi

Photographer: Anton Sucksdorff
Retouch: Flc

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