Varjo Reality Cloud launch - Stream a supercharged reality.

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Varjo the industry-leading provider of professional-grade VR/XR solutions –announced its Varjo Reality Cloud platform, which allows even the most complex metaverse to stream in real-time to supported devices for both professional and prosumer users.

20/20 created the launch concept and creative assets for Varjo Reality Cloud, a groundbreaking new platform that delivers high-quality, fully immersive virtual and mixed reality experiences to users worldwide.

Visually lossless XR/VR streaming made simple.

The launch concept, developed by 20/20 Helsinki in close collaboration with Varjo, was designed to showcase the platform's unique capabilities and highlight its potential to revolutionize a wide range of industries and applications.

From a visual perspective, we used a clean and minimalistic design aesthetic, simple graphic elements, and a clear color palette. This design approach helped to convey a sense of simplicity and clarity, while also highlighting the key features and benefits of the platform.

True-to-Life Metaverse.

The new campaign look & feel for Varjo Reality Cloud was transformed to a brighter and more colorful consumer-facing aesthetic. This approach was a metaphor for the more accessible product itself and its potential to enable users to seamlessly transition between the real world and the metaverse. The visual style was designed to be welcoming and approachable, showcasing the platform's potential to unlock new and exciting opportunities in virtual and mixed reality.

Volvo paving the way to a more innovative future.

Volvo has been using Varjo Reality Cloud for simulation, training, and remote collaboration. By leveraging the platform's high-resolution VR and XR headsets and real-time rendering tools, Volvo has been able to create highly realistic virtual environments for testing and refining new products and processes more efficiently and effectively. This has enabled Volvo to reduce development costs and time-to-market, while also improving the safety and performance of its products. Additionally, Volvo has been able to use Varjo Reality Cloud for remote collaboration, enabling its global teams to work together in real-time and improving overall efficiency. By leveraging Varjo Reality Cloud's capabilities, Volvo has been able to revolutionize its engineering and design processes, paving the way for more innovative and advanced products in the future.


Varjo Reality Cloud has gained significant media attention in the virtual and mixed reality industry due to its advanced technology and potential to transform various industries and applications. The platform has been covered extensively by leading tech and industry publications, as well as social media channels and online communities focused on virtual and mixed reality. Additionally, the launch of the new campaign by 20/20 Helsinki has helped to increase the visibility and awareness of Varjo Reality Cloud among a wider audience.


Varjo Technologies
Chief Brand Officer: Jussi Mäkinen
Marketing and Communications Lead: Annaleena Kuronen

Creative Director: Jyri von Schoultz
Client Director: Mia Oksala

Film Production
Production Company: 20/20
Director: Jyri von Schoultz
DOP: Anton Tevajärvi
Producer: Mia Oksala
Animation & 3D: Santeri Kekkonen
Color: Post Control

Photographer: Anton Sucksdorff
Retouch: Flc

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