Varjo Aero - Reach new heights in virtual reality.

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The Finnish technology company Varjo is known for producing the highest-quality virtual and mixed reality devices for professional use. Varjo’s human-eye resolution headsets have been used to train Boeing astronauts to go to space, design luxury cars at Aston Martin, and conduct the most demanding research at Volvo and Siemens. Varjo devices have become the pinnacle of VR/XR – containing the most advanced features in the market, allowing professionals to transform how they work.

In 2021, Varjo jumped to a new creative challenge – launching a new product for an entirely new audience. The company’s high-fidelity VR device, Varjo Aero, would also be sold to passionate VR simulation consumers, not just business organizations anymore. The challenge was, how to enter the new market with a product launch that would excite both private VR enthusiasts as well as professionals?

Pioneers of the metaverse

As the campaign and product launch was highly targeted to prosumer, designers and pioneers of the metaverse Varjo brought the new product life by celebrating these new immersive use cases: introducing a new level of immersion for designers, aviators and basically anyone who want to immerse into a new level of communication.

Reach new heights in virtual reality.

The new look & feel of the campaign was transformed from already established Varjo business to business XR and VR headset’s moodier style to brighter, more colorful and more lighter consumer facing visuals working as a metaphor for the lighter and more accessible product itself.

The visual style and product directed the concept of the launch: Varjo Aero: Reach new heights in virtual reality. The airiness, lightness, use cases and bold style of minimalism was a way to separate the new product from it’s competitors and the past while still paying respect and heritage to the high-tech company, brand and mysticism that Varjo represents.

Varjo Aero was positioned as the most advanced device out there

Varjo turned to 20/20 to create a product film, a virtual launch event that was livestreamed to YouTube, and all key visuals to tell the story of how Varjo Aero is raising virtual reality to new heights for professionals and prosumers alike. The final launch execution also included a highly successful teaser campaign that made the headlines in all global VR/XR media outlets – already days ahead of launch date.

With a new creative angle and visuals that clearly differentiate Varjo Aero from the company’s B2B products, the launch effectively caught the attention of the target audience. Varjo Aero was positioned as the most advanced device out there for both hardcore VR enthusiasts and professionals – a crucial achievement for a product with a price point way above competitor benchmarks.

Future-proofed for a photorealistic metaverse.

Varjo Aero is future-proofed for features of the upcoming Varjo Reality Cloud platform. Professional customers can already gain early access to the brand-new collaborative software, Varjo Teleport VR. Additional functionality, such as content streaming from the cloud, will be supported in steps when Varjo Reality Cloud becomes generally available.

Varjo Aero, and Varjo Teleport VR, mark the first steps on Varjo’s journey to making a photorealistic metaverse accessible for all.


The virtual launch event broke all Varjo’s previous attendance records with tens of thousands of people joining the livestream or various watch parties on YouTube. With a flying start, the company’s initial sales targets for Varjo Aero were exceeded in record-breaking time.
All previous Varjo sales records were broken. Press coverage included over 200 articles, reaching millions of people worldwide.

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Varjo Technologies
Chief Brand Officer: Jussi Mäkinen
Marketing and Communications Lead: Annaleena Kuronen

Creative Director: Jyri Rapo
Client Director: Mia Oksala

Film Production
Production Company: 20/20, Time machine Productions, Best Friends Films
Director: Jyri Rapo
DOP: Anton Tevajärvi
1AD: Dzen Evstigneykin
Producers: Mia Oksala, Anna Nekrasova
Set Design: Liza Gamsheeva
VFX & Color: Post Control
Music & Sound Design: Kaukolampi

Photographer: Anton Sucksdorff
Retouch: Flc

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