adidas unveils first SPINNOVA® produced product.

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Sustainable material company SPINNOVA® and adidas introduced the new hoodie, TERREX HS, the first adidas product made with the sustainable SPINNOVA® material.

This announcement marked an important milestone in SPINNOVA® materials becoming available for consumers globally. Spinnova is on a mission to transform the raw material base of the global textile industry.

20/20 has been a strategic partner designing and producing co-branding campaigns and partner branding assets. Spinnova’s branding work is based on a vision of ‘nature meets technology’ and its mission to be a leader of the sustainable textile industry while building a credible story alongside world-class clothing brands. From the very beginning, it has been important to build Spinnova’s own story and provide a clean and open platform for collaborations.

Co-branding with the top brands in the world.

Spinnova´s journey was on the verge of commercialization and positioning as the leading sustainable ingredient brand globally. The brand renewal work and co-branding played a critical role when the plan was to move towards a more strategical and aggressive scale-up phase.

The starting point for the brand work was to find the visual language for Spinnova’s vision where high tech meets nature. A language that communicates Spinnova as a modern sustainability company and still very close to nature. Spinnova’s brand needed to reflect the business as a modern high-tech brand and position as the leader in sustainable textile materials.

In the co-branding campaigns, 20/20 continued the same visual language with the partners and their unique products and stories. The launch assets were distributed globally in the brands’ marketing channels. During their launch year, they reached millions of views in the most recognizable media: BBC, Vogue, Wired, Forbes, Fast Company, Monocle, Elle, Reuters, and Hypebeast, to mention a few.

adidas & Spinnova pushes the limits of eco-innovation.

To celebrate the partnership launch with adidas and Spinnova, we wanted to tell a contemporary visual story of everything Spinnova stands for: technology, humanity, pure materials, and the powerful nature.

The launch imagery was created by following Spinnova’s brand ingredients, from the calm but energetic atmosphere to simple design and natural materials. A language that communicates Spinnova and its partners as modern and sustainable technology forerunners yet very close to nature.

20/20 produced the partnering launch materials consisting of the master film and other campaign assets and materials for digital marketing for both brands Spinnova and Adidas.

The adidas TERREX HS-1 hoodie.

Twelve months after adidas and Spinnova announced their partnership, their first launched product is out for the public to purchase. The adidas TERREX HS1 hoodie is a unisex midlayer for hikers and outdoor explorers, composed of natural SPINNOVA® fibre and organic cotton, and made without dyeing or bleaching chemicals.​

The TERREX HS1 is now available for purchase on and in other selected retail outlets with international reach.


Chief Commercial Officer: Lotta Kopra
Business Development Specialist: Reetta Hassinen

Creative Director: Jyri von Schoultz
Creative: Jenny Stringer
Client Director: Mia Oksala
Copywriter: Reetta Hassinen, Emmi Berlin

Production Company: 20/20
DOP: Anton Tevajärvi
Producer: Mia Oksala
Color: Grade One

Photographer: Anton Sucksdorff
Retouch: Flc

Photography / adidas

Media & PR

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