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As our planet’s resources become increasingly stretched, the whole textile industry is rethinking its mandate to exist. That’s why Spinnova is stepping up the efforts to create a new tomorrow with truly circular materials and sustainable textiles. Spinnova is the only company in the world able to create textile fibre from wood and other circular materials without using harmful chemicals. The process is clean and circular. This means minimal water use and emissions, as well as zero waste or side streams.

To create materials for the future, Spinnova went back to nature. It all started with the question: What if we could create a more sustainable textile industry by imitating nature; how a spider produces its web? That question led Spinnova to invent a brand new way of making fibre.

In 2020, Spinnova´s journey was on the verge of commercialization and to position Spinnova as the leading sustainable ingredient brand globally. 20/20 Helsinki was selected as the creative agency tasked with creating a new visual identity, brand images, film, website (spinnova.com), social media assets and print materials.

A high-tech company strongly rooted in nature

The starting point for the brand work was to find the visual language for high tech meets nature. A language that communicates Spinnova as a modern sustainability company that is still very close to the nature. Spinnova brand needed to reflect the business as a high-tech modern brand and to position as the leader in sustainable textile materials. Our concept was built around new perspectives. We saw Spinnova’s visual Identity shaped by its wide perspective on sustainability. And we took a closer look at Spinnova’s DNA on endless circulation.

The shapes of the circular movement.

The logo was inspired by the circularity and the shapes of the circular movement, still keeping it modern and minimalistic. As Spinnova´s fibre comes from nature we wanted to embrace that in the images. You can almost feel the different shapes and textures of nature, the starting point for the most sustainable fibre in the world. The images were shot and chosen based on the idea of either paying close attention or looking far ahead. As nature is a big part of the identity, we wanted to show the very core of the brand’s innovation, the fabrics, end products and the whole process in an inspiring way.

To keep things simple, Spinnova has only one brand font, Telegraf. It is a strong, forward looking font with a unique character. It’s tangible on-screen viewing at small sizes, yet impactful at large sizes.

Minimalistic design and cinematic images.

The core idea of the brand work was in endless circulation. We wanted the whole identity to reflect that. The logo itself is based on the idea of constantly moving circulation and we also wanted to highlight the movement with an animated logo. The website was created with minimalistic design combined with impactful images. We also wanted to make all the html animations based on the same idea. The header text is animated with circulative movement and the images reflect the idea of taking a closer look at things, with a zoom in.

The brand film begins with the innovation and macro footage showing nature’s own process. We combined dynamic music with the beautiful footage that visually shows all the details from macro level to the people wearing the most sustainable material.


For Spinnova the brand renewal played an important role strategically when the plan was to move towards aggressive scale-up phase. One of the main goals was to partner with world’s biggest brands and to create an identity that is at the same level with them and yet does not conflict with other brands.

After the brand work Spinnova has been able to launch their partnership with H&M Group and new exciting launches coming during this year. Among many one of the top brands in shoes and sportswear field, some of the world’s leading clothing-retails companies.

Also, the business scaling has been very successful. Spinnova and Suzano will open a commercial scale Factory in 2022 with a 50 million euro investment.

After the new identity & website launch the website vistors increased during the first month 120% and after the launch period 59%.


Chief Commercial Officer: Lotta Kopra
Head of communications: Emmi Berlin

Creative Director: Jyri Rapo
Design Director: Jesse Auersalo
Art Director: Marina Veziko
Graphic Design: Marina Veziko, Merja Jaskara
Client Director: Mia Oksala
Copywriter: Emmi Berlin

Photographer: Anton Sucksdorff
Retouch: Flc
Assistant: Jari Hämäläinen
Set Design: Pinja Forsmann, Piia Honkanen

Production Company: 20/20
Director: Jyri Rapo
DOP: Anton Tevajärvi
1st AC: OP Pesonen
Producer: Mia Oksala
Key Grip: Joonas Saine
Gaffer: Jonathan Marila, Henri Jaaksola
Set design: Pinja Forsman
Stylist: Yoonsik Kim
Muah:Jenny Jansson

Technical production
Isko Salminen
Juri Saltbacka

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