Momentous - New brand and new thrive.

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Momentous is all about finding the best, brilliant talents and guide them to the positions where everyone succeeds. A company that is passion driven, ultra professional but still approachable. Our job was to communicate Momentous story in a modern and inspiring way, highlighting the variety of skills, stories and lives. Their respect for individuals, being transparent, humble, honest and responsible. Helping the companies and individuals to grow and thrive. We also needed to highlight the reason why Momentous exists and what is the bigger picture behind the whole business. We wanted to show exactly how Momentous makes your business succeed.

20/20 helped Momentous to shape the brand and communications to better fit with their current business and company. The whole branding was redesigned from a completely new starting point to better meet the goals of the present.

People are the backbone of a successful business

Others might say that people are the most important assets, but at Momentous they know that it’s not just the people - it’s the right people. With the new visual identity and brand photos we reached the top of the industry combining people with abstract objects that highlight the aspect when things just click together. This was to show how Momentous helps leaders and teams play together and develop as individuals.

Respect for individuals, honest and responsible approach.

The visual approach was contemporary and warm. We wanted to highlight the people as the central role in Momentous business but also bring a modern and abstract twist to it.



Art Director: Tino Nyman
Client Director: Mia Oksala
Copywriting: Rasmus Stoltzenberg

Photographer: Anton Sucksdorff
Assistant: Jari Hämäläinen
Retouch: Flc
Set Design: Piia Honkanen
Stylist: Meeri Juvakka
Muah: Any Levy

Technical production
Isko Salminen

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