Unemme (Our Dream) - IKEA creates art from Finnish dreams.

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  • Real-time graphics
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Sleep is a vital component of every person’s overall health and well-being. The goal of the campaign was to encourage Finns to sleep better and to pay attention to a sufficient amount and quality of sleep. A better everyday life starts with a good night’s sleep.

The concept for IKEA's sleeping campaign draws inspiration from the sleep of an individual and brings sleeping habits together as a collective experience by combining technology, data, real-time visualization and physical spaces. Unemme. was a unique real-time evolving digital artwork that reflected the way people sleep. A living, breathing multi-sensory dreamscape with different shapes, colors, textures, movement and music transforming and evolving real time based on the users feedback.

Combining data, real-time graphics and art in unseen ways.

As an enabler of a better everyday life, IKEA encourages Finns to sleep more. One of the key drivers in the sleeping campaign was to attract people to participate in an experience that gathered data across Finland and allowded people to see their sleep affect a collective and calming dream visualization in real-time together with calming sounds and music.

Campaign site.

IKEA’s campaign site worked as the main hub for the whole campaign. From there we gathered the data, showcased the evolving real-time dream visualization, the sleeping range products and provided sleep information. The evolving visualization that lived in the campaign site transformed the users sleep habit into an abstract dreamscape that represented the users sleep rhythm. When consumers insert their data through the site they see the visualization change real-time.

The campaign site collected sleep data from Finns by using four questions: How many hours did you sleep? How rested do you feel? Did you see dreams? Did you wake up during the night? Each participant could see their sleep data with an opportunity to compare it with the average amount of sleep in Finland or one’s own area.

The evolving visualization transformed the users sleep habit into dreamy visuals inspired by nature.

The abstract dreamscape was inspired by nature and its organic elements – an ever-changing flow of natural forms that feels soothing and meditative. This was strengthened by combining the visuals with the evocative music composed by Ville Hyvönen.

The evolving visualization transformed the users sleep habit into an abstract structure that represented the users sleep rhythm. Real-time generated visualization changed as well according to the rhythm of actual time of the day: dawn, daylight, dusk and night. The artwork transformed it's shapes, colors, movement and behaviour based on the amount of data inserted by participants, in other words it was an generative entity of it's own which transformed constantly.

The style of the data structure drawed inspiration heavily from the nature such as wind in the long grass, cloud formations, feathers, flora and movement of aerial landscapes.

From digital to physical experience.

The artwork was also placed physically in urban places so people could experience the collective dream on their way to work in the morning and as a calming factor in the busy areas of the city.

Real-time evolving data dream sculptures were transformed from the IKEA campaign site to IKEA stores, physical locations and different digital media platforms.

The digital artwork was displayed in IKEA stores, Helsinki airport, the Helsinki Music Centre, IKEA.fi, social media channels, banners, emails, sms, youtube, radio channels, Finnish magazines and newspapers.

Real-time evolving music and soundscapes.

The nature inspired abstract dreamscape was strengthened by combining the visuals with the evocative music composed by Ville Hyvönen. Music plays an essential role in Unemme. in terms of creating a calming atmosphere that perfectly reflects the dream-like imagery.

The music also lived according to the users feedback and modified according to the time of the day and data in real-time.


Country Marketing Manager: Anu Koskinen
Marketing Communication Manager: Johanna Vihonen
Content Specialist: Johanna Tirkkonen

Creative Director: Jyri Rapo
Art Director: Jenny Rinta-Kanto
Art Director UI/UX: Marina Veziko
Client Director: Mia Oksala
Copywriter: Liisa Paasio

Director: Jyri Rapo
DOP: Anton Tevajärvi
Producer: Mia Oksala
Projection: SUN Effects

Real time graphics

Technical production

Music and sound design
Composer: Ville Hyvönen

Campaign title, print & social media assets
Ryhmä Creative

Media Agency
Toinen PHD

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