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EOHO - a brief odyssey into senses - is an examination of sensory perceptions. Water drips, the bath fills, and the moon shines as metaphors combust. EOHO is a work that transforms fragments of literature into a visual interpretation, deliberately designed to be open to various perspectives.


EOHO emerged from an experiment, breaking free from the traditional agency constraints. It's a visual metaphor blending the diverse realms of an individual and the potent force of senses, crashing headlong into a hallucinatory future. The idea of this work hinges strongly on the viewer's personal journey, an unconventional approach in the commercial realm.

EOHO embraces a non-linear expression, building on fragments of literature. It's an ode to magical realism and to the stories people want to hear, see, and act on. It's an invitation to plunge into the unconventional, reflecting the experience of reading a book where the reader constructs their own reality around the story.


Is it a bird, or is it a plane? Who knows, and who cares? But things are burning, and things are disappearing. It's a metaphor high on symbolism.

This exceptional jouney took place many moons ago and involved many lovely clementines that just made things happen.


"The roughness, beauty, and softness of talent, location and story are the foundation and source of inspiration for my photography on this project. Not only the heat and humidity of Bangkok but also the city’s unique light and charisma during the time of the shoot had an inevitable impact on the way the images turned out."
- Anton Sucksdorff, Photographer

"Visually, we explored a subject’s senses through sedated marches of the camera intercut with bursts of explosive movement. Our perspective, at times still and sometimes fluid, is dictated by the subject’s mood and the reaction of their senses. We momentarily pull the audience into traverse the subject’s mind."
- Pithai Smithsuth, Director of Photography


Look deeep enoug into any person and you will find something shining within.


Main: Patamaporn Jantawong

Production: 20/20 & VS
Director/Creative Director: Jyri von Schoultz
DOP: Pithai Smithsuth
Executive Producer: Mia Oksala
Producer: Kawita Nunthakunatip
Producer/Stylist: Veera Moilanen
PA: Nipaporn Horpisut
Runner: Nimasu Namsaren
Production Van: Suchin Kunnuchanart
Still Photographer: Anton Sucksdorff

Art Director: Pallop Chomthaworn
Best Boy1: Thitipong Kraisiridecha
Best Boy2: Ponlawat Promdoung
Best Boy3: Charoenpong Srithoob
Best Boy4: Pracha Saeheng
Best Boy5: Kankoranat Suphavananusorn
Driver1: Sahyam Muangngam
Driver2: Nattapong paksanthia

Location Manager: Sakda Suparbpong
Location Assistant: Surawat puntunakin

Focus Puller: Kunawut Putcha
2nd AC: Jarun Moungon
DIT: Supakit Nuntawasin
VDO Man: Phonphum Wangchaiyaphum
Driver: Thannapat Cheeranon

Gaffer (Senior): Wichayuth Babprasert
Best Boy Electric: Chatchay Boonrah
Electrician: Sathit Karakandee
Electrician: Phakon Pathakkhinang
Electrician: Thirawut Yaisuk
Electrician: Wuttinan Mamanee
Truck Driver: Ket Phunim
Truck Driver: Thee Sookkua

Best Boy Grip: Aphisit Wansri
Grip: Nattapon Wongtrisri
Grip/Truck Driver: Thanakorn Wu

Benza Navara Papaen

VFX: Post Control
VFX: Johan Snell

Color: Company 3
Colorist: Parker Jarvie
Senior Producer: Dan Butler

Ee-Nni-Aa-Ssa: Kaukolampi
EOHO theme: Frolf Flundgren
So far so close: Ilja Donner
Soundscapes & SFX: Niklas Lindgren

Elias Lauronen

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