Nokia: Mobile World Congress 19.

  • AR
  • Demos
  • Gaming
  • Graphic design
  • Interaction design

Nokia was looking for experimental demos for Mobile World Congress 2019 to demonstrate their latest technology offering. 20/20 designed and produced experiential demos for Nokia to feature at MWC.

The demos work as teasers, peaking people’s interest in the services and telling the story of the use cases in a way that leaves viewers inspired and impressed.

Airport and mining mixed-reality demos.

If 5G is the future, then the future is already here. Everyone knows that 5G is going to change virtually everything. But many people - including Nokia´s customers - aren’t yet sure how to translate that into business benefits. To do that, of course, you need to understand how 5G will make people’s lives faster. Going far beyond smartphone connectivity, evolving LTE and 5G have the potential to revolutionize the way we live and work and how industrial processes are run.

Our job was to demonstrate how the latest technology works in reality. The storylines explain how LTE can be used in mining and aviation.

We created airport and mining use cases in an augmented reality application. The demos are based on 3D-printed miniatures of an airport and mine. We built augmented experiences op top of the physical models to demonstrate the solutions in a new and experimental way, allowing users to see different LTE solutions and their effects in both environments.

The Nokia smart venue experience: virtual, augmented, connected.

People expect good connectivity wherever they go, no matter what their location happens to be. At large events, data services are needed by many consumers in a confined space. The brief was to come up with an immersive demo to showcase Nokia´s portfolio, which includes all of the innovative enablers needed to create a smart venue today and well into the future.

The first part of the demo was to peak users’ interest in a fun way and to showcase the future of events with a drone race game. The demo was displayed on large 2D screens and users controlled the drones by moving, which added a wow-factor to the demos. This was done by tracking the user in the demo space or with sensors that were attached to them.

The second part of the demo was meant to showcase the actual technology and use cases on a more detailed level yet in a visually-appealing and interesting way.

Nokia AirScale Radio Access is meeting the network needs of the future today.

Nokia was looking for an interactive demo to create an umbrella story around the Nokia AirScale site solution story as part of their presence at the show in Barcelona. Nokia wanted to showcase the possibilities of the mind-blowing 5G speeds and show their clients how can they accelerate customer’s digital experiences.

The project’s goal was to design and deliver a top-notch experience platform that supports current and future demos and a range of materials at congresses and in sales.

We wanted to create a demo that looks and feels great but also showcases the Nokia offering on a detailed level. The demo starts with an overview of the Nokia 3D city, that works as a starting point for all the AirScale use cases and more detailed product info. The demo was created with 2D animated sequences that the user can navigate easily via an html demo.

The hero of the demo was Nokia´s scalable network, which is designed to grow with people, offering unlimited capacity with less effort than ever before.


Copywriter: Lissu Moulton
Art Director: Taina Tirkkonen
Client Director: Mia Oksala

3D, AR & UX: Zoan
Interactive Demos: Reason

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